What can we do for you?

As part of our regional management offer, we act as your external regional management office. We are looking for new distributors and support your existing distributors for technical and commercial questions within the framework of a regional management contract (interim management contract) out of Bangkok.

This gives your distributors a contact person in their region who can react quickly to questions and, within the framework of the agreed authorization level, prompt clarifications.

Your end customers also get a central contact point on site who can call in the relevant distributors or mediate them in the event of problems.

The greatest advantage, however, is the proximity to customers and distributors, as the time difference in most cases only plays a minor role now.

Our company saves you from setting up your own regional office, including the associated overhead, as our team performs these tasks on your behalf.

We are happy to support you in the context of seminars, trade fairs, and conferences.

Important Note: If you would like to hire us as your trading agency, please see here.