Electrical safety is of utmost importance in medical locations, as the use of electrical equipment is widespread in these environments. In medical facilities, electrical equipment can include diagnostic equipment, medical devices, lighting, and power outlets. The safe operation of these electrical devices is crucial to ensure the safety of patients, medical staff, and visitors.

Electrical safety in medical locations involves the implementation of safety measures to minimize the risk of electrical shock, fire, and other hazards. That includes proper design of medical rooms, especially in OR and ICU areas and the implementation of strict safety procedures for the use and maintenance of electrical equipment. Safety standards, such as the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard IEC60364-7-710:2021, which applies to electrical installations in medical locations, have to be followed to provide the safety of patients and medical staff.

The requirements defined in this standard are valid for hospitals and clinics or equivalent institutions such as sanatoriums, medical and dental practices, medical centers, outpatients' clinics and departments, casualty wards, dedicated medical rooms in the workplace, veterinary clinics, or other locations where medical electrical equipment is used.