Regional Sales Management

Lutz Grübel (2013) headlined his article published in Marketing Review St. Gallen: 'Closing the business gap in Asia - opportunities through regional sales management'. The article is referring to an analysis that is mainly related to medium-sized companies. Those businesses have been as having an annual turnover of 1 - 5 billion USD.

Grübel (2013) names the following problem areas:

  • Management commitment;
  • no Asia representatives at board level;
  • without operational management functions for substantial local business;

that are commonly found in SME as well as medium-sized corporations.

Grübel (2013) aptly summarizes this as follows:

'The size of the company, the organization

of the Asian business and management

Commitment to the region play an important role

to keep up with the rapid market growth

to keep up with Asia.'

The same problems that occur in medium-sized companies are found, and due to the lower staffing levels, to a greater extent in SMEs.

Organization and management of the sale channels in the region are central core elements to be successful in Asia. In Asia, a quick reaction to customer inquiries, be it offers, technical support or, product-specific questions always been expected.

However, SMEs are often too small to operate their local Asian headquarters, which means that they cannot respond to the needs and the expected speed of response from Asian customers.

To close this business gap, we would be happy to take over the regional sales management function for your company. We are here to support your company in growing healthily and profitably.

If you are interested, contact us.


Grübel, Lutz (2013). Die Geschäftslücke in Asien schließen — Chancen durch regionales Vertriebsmanagement. Marketing Review St. Gallen : die neue Thexis-Marketingfachzeitschrift für Theorie und Praxis. Vol. 30. 2013 (4). p. 88-99