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At SMART SIAM each and every staff member is an important part of of the company.

Define your targets: "Working & Living": for family, recreation, profession, and finances.

Be SMART - your commitment determines our collective success. Together, we will develop the goals for your personal and functional development.
To accomplish these goals we place emphasis on long-term and
systematic measures as well as on future-oriented offers.

Become SMARTer - through personnel development:

  • Comprehensive consulting and development offers
  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of your potentials
  • Individual appraisal interviews to reach objective agreements,      
  • determining of development potentials and activities

Our current open positions are advertised on our vacancies page.

Before you apply with us...

Like every country, Germany has its own unique set of rules when it comes to applying for a job.
Below some tips for everyone, who wants to write a perfect application, to us - or any other German Company.

How to apply for a job with a German (operated) Company?

First of all, use ENGLISH, or GERMAN language. We won't consider or even read any application in Thai.

The most important element for an application is the cover letter. This should be clear, with meaningful content, and be free from errors.

Almost as important as the letter is the CV. This should be limited to a maximum of two pages. Three pages are acceptable in certain circumstances.

Last of all, it is always necessary to attach copies (not originals) of key references and certificates to the application. These include school, training, and study certificates, or previous employer references.

References from previous employers are not standard practice, but they can be included if meaningful.

The cover letter

Create a letterhead with your contact information. Limit your cover letter to 1 page.


Where possible, refer to prior contact, for instance: a telephone conversation, a discussion at a job fair, or a personal recommendation. Or refer to an advertised vacancy.

Paragraph 1:

Why am I applying to work for this company in particular?

Paragraph 2:

Why am I applying for the advertised position / Why do I want this specific job?

Paragraph 3:

Why should the company choose me? / How do I stand out from the competition?

Concluding Paragraph:

If salary expectations are requested in the advertisement, you can state them here. State possible starting date.

The Curriculum vitae – CV (resume)

All German-style CV’s include a picture either in the upper left- or right-hand corner. You are allowed to use up to two pages for your resume. However, these two pages should not be crammed with small-print information. It should be reader-friendly. Education and work experience shall be listed starting with the latest institution/position first.

Personal data:

Name, complete address, telephone number, email, date of birth, marital status, (Army service), and so on.

University Studies & Education

Include University name, majors, minors, and concentrations. Mention in which semester you are in, (planned) date of graduation, cumulative GPA.

List the same information for มัธยม and professional training like ปวช., or ปวส.

Prior Internships or Work Experience

Duration, the department in which you worked or interned, your position, the company, and its location.

Please provide a brief description of your position and tasks.

Language & Computer Skills

Please list all languages that you can speak fluently, or have studied for two semesters or more. Please include an accurate assessment of your abilities in reading, writing, oral communication, and comprehension.

All IT/ special computer program skills/ experiences beyond basic office skills should be mentioned.

Hobbies, Voluntary employment

Here you can list additional information if you want to.

We wish you every success with your application.