A. Eberle GmbH & Co. KG

Measurement and Regulation Technology - Across all networks

A. Eberle GmbH & Co. KG was established in 1980 with the aim of offering development and manufacturing services to various electronics companies.

In 1995, the company underwent a strategic reorientation towards the development of its own product line. Since then, A. Eberle has been offering a diverse range of cutting-edge devices and has built its own globally-oriented distribution network.

Their portfolio includes:

  • Voltage Regulation of Transformers with Tap Changers and Transformer Monitoring: A. Eberle specializes in providing advanced solutions for voltage regulation in transformers equipped with tap changers. Their devices ensure precise voltage control and efficient monitoring of transformer performance.
  • Low-Voltage Regulation of Local Networks (Line Regulators) and OEM Solutions for Any Sector: A. Eberle offers solutions for regulating low-voltage networks, including line regulators. These devices help maintain stable voltage levels and improve the overall efficiency and reliability of local networks.
  • Short-Circuit and Earth Fault Location in Medium and High-Voltage Networks: A. Eberle's expertise extends to the detection and location of short-circuits and earth faults in medium and high-voltage networks. Their innovative solutions enable quick and accurate identification of faults, minimizing downtime and improving network safety.
  • Earth Fault Compensation & Current Injection for Medium and High-Voltage Networks: A. Eberle offers solutions for earth fault compensation and current injection in medium and high-voltage networks. These solutions help mitigate the effects of earth faults and ensure reliable operation of the network.
  • Power Quality System - Power Quality Recording with Fault Log Functionality: A. Eberle's power quality systems provide comprehensive recording and analysis of power quality parameters. With added fault log functionality, these systems enable efficient troubleshooting and identification of power quality issues, ensuring optimal performance and stability.
  • Power Quality Mobile - Power Quality Recording with Mobile Devices: A. Eberle offers mobile power quality recording solutions, allowing users to capture and analyze power quality data on the go. These portable devices provide flexibility and convenience for monitoring and diagnosing power quality issues in various settings.

With their extensive range of products and solutions, A. Eberle continues to be a leading provider of measurement and regulation technology for networks worldwide.