EA Elektro-Automatik

EA Elektro-Automatik Delivers High-powered Test Innovation for the Markets of Tomorrow

EA Elektro-Automatik has been driving power supply innovation for over 45 years with a complete line of precision programmable DC power supplies, bidirectional regenerative DC power units, regenerative DC electronic loads and multi-channel rack systems up to 2 megawatts. EA’s solutions range from 160W all the way up to 2MW and up to 2,000Vdc. EA's power supplies feature true Autoranging providing full power across a larger operating range and lead the industry in output power density, flexibility, and operating efficiency. EA offers both conventional and regenerative DC electronic loads, packing up to 30kW in a 96% efficient 19” 4U rack-mount chassis.

EA Elektro-Automatik’s PSB Series of Bidirectional DC supplies combines EA’s DC power supplies with regenerative DC loads into a single, high-performance chassis saving valuable space and budget. EA’s power products are innovative and modern, including smart tools to assist the user such as: intuitive touch screen control, an arbitrary waveform function generator, swappable digital interface control and built-in test routines for battery test, photovoltaic simulation and MPP tracking, to name a few.  EA helps you bring your test systems to life through advanced-performance power solutions.